Medical Excuses

Excuses for Absence from Class for Non-Emergency Medical Reasons

The Student Health Center does not provide medical excuses for short-term absences that result in missed classes, exams, or assignments due to illness or injury.  This policy is similar to most major universities and is consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association.

Students are instructed to contact their instructor in the event they need to miss class due to an illness, injury, or an emergency.  All decisions about the impact of an absence, as well as any arrangements for making up work, rest with the instructors.

How to Print Student Health Center Dates of Service

If your instructor requests proof of your medical evaluation and you were seen at the Student Health Center, you can print out the dates of your appointments from your MyWesternHealth portal.  From any computer (not your phone) follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your MyWesternHealth portal.
  • Click on "Appointments" on the left side of your screen.
  • Print this information.

What is an Emergency Medical Leave of Absence?

In certain circumstances where an illness or injury is prolonged and/or requires significant medical attention or hospitalization, an Emergency Medical Leave of Absence from classes may be provided.

Emergency Medical Leaves of Absence are issued only after a student has been evaluated in the Student Health Center or has provided appropriate documentation from their healthcare provider via their MyWesternHealth patient portal. The Emergency Medical Leave of Absence will then be emailed directly to the student and to their instructors by the Student Health Center Medical Director

Please note: an Emergency Medical Leave of Absence can only be provided for a period of time no greater than 10-14 days.  While a leave of absence generally makes it possible for the student to make up missed course work, in some instances the amount of time lost makes course completion difficult.  If more time is needed, the student should consult with the Office of Student Life.

What is a Dean's Withdrawal?

The purpose of the Dean’s Withdrawal is to assist a student who is unable to complete the quarter or a class due to compelling circumstances beyond their control or due to a significant hardship (such as incapacitating illness or injury). More information is available at the Office of Student Life.

Still have questions?

Please review our comprehensive resource guide.  This guide includes essential information about follow up care, academic options, and support services on campus.