Eligibility and Costs

What Does a Visit Cost?

Nothing!  Eligible students who have paid the mandatory, quarterly Counseling, Health and Wellness fee have unlimited access to the Student Health Center, without charge for nearly all office visits. This includes:

  1. Management of acute illness and injury
  2. Chronic disease diagnosis and management
  3. Behavioral health and psychiatric care
  4. Orthopedic care and rehab
  5. Sexual health
  6. Medical/mental health emergencies
  7. Referral to specialists as needed
We also provide some free over the counter medications and first aid supplies!

What Is Charged?

The Student Health Center charges fees to students for the following:

  1. Pre-participation examinations
  2. Minor surgical procedures
  3. Lab tests
  4. Immunizations
  5. Prescription medications/devices dispensed at the Student Health Center
  6. Equipment – ACE wraps, splints, braces

Prior to receiving these services, students will be required to sign the “Consent to Accept Student Health Center Charges” form.

For details regarding charges, please call our office at 360-650-3400.

NOTE:  Students with Medicaid (Apple Health/Healthy Options) insurance are required by their insurance to be referred to off-campus in-network specialists, pharmacies, and equipment providers for any of the above noted charged services provided by the Student Health Center.

How Are Charges Applied?

Charges incurred at the Student Health Center are billed to the student’s Western Account.  The Student Health Center does not accept payments. For payment options, please refer to the Student Business Office(opens in new window).

Charges are typically entered, and appear, on the student’s Western Account by the end of the business day following a visit.  After charges are entered, the Student Health Center will also email a PDF document to the student’s WWU email account.  If desired, the student can submit this PDF document to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.