General Information

The Student Health Center at Western Washington University is a primary care medical clinic specializing in college health.  The Student Health Center is staffed by a team of board certified family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and support staff.  We provide an extensive array of services including preventive health care and management of health concerns, illnesses and injuries.  We strive to support student success academically, physically and emotionally.

We want to help students be well, get well, and stay well -- life long.

Our LocationSHC Map

The Student Health Center is located on the second floor of the Campus Services building on the south end of campus.  Parking is available for students accessing the Student Health Center.  We are also a short bus ride to local pharmacies including Rite Aid, Walgreen’s and Fred Meyer.

Physical Address: 2001 Bill McDonald Parkway

Mailing Address: 516 High Street MS 9132 / Bellingham, WA 98225

Who can use our services?

The Student Health Center is available to all students enrolled in six or more credits on Western's campus.  A student who is registered for 3-5 credits has the option to pay the Counseling, Health and Wellness fee and be seen during a quarter. We are unable to see former students, students on leave, dependents of students, faculty and staff of WWU, and Whatcom Community College students living on WWU's campus.

What does it cost?

The mandatory, quarterly Counseling, Health and Wellness fee provides eligible students with unlimited access to the Student Health Center, without charge for office visits*.  We also provide free over the counter medications and some first aid supplies.

*Travel appointment office visits have a charge associated with them. Learn more on our Travel Information page.

Fees are charged to students for the following:

  1. prescription medications dispensed at the Student Health Center
  2. equipment such as Ace wraps, splints, and braces
  3. lab tests
  4. special procedures such as laceration repair, biopsies, wound drainage, etc.


For more information about billing procedures for costs incurred at the Center, please read the User's Guide to Charges at the Student Health Center.

Where can I get online forms?

You can get online forms regarding measles and your personal medical records at our Online Forms Page.