WWU Student Medical Health Insurance Plan

An optional plan available to WWU students and their dependents

2018-19 Plan Year (Enrollment is now OPEN)

Click here to enroll online: https://studentinsurance.usi.com/

Enrollment Deadlines

Annual: 11/02/2018

Fall: 11/02/2018

Winter: 02/08/2019

Spring and Summer: 05/03/2019 (If you enroll in the plan for spring quarter, you may enroll for summer quarter without having to take any classes if you pay for spring and summer at the same time. Call 1-800-853-5899 to enroll.)

Spring: 05/03/2019

Summer Only: 07/26/2019

2018-19 WWU Student Insurance Plan Highlights Flyer

2018-19 WWU Student Insurance Plan Brochure

How to file claims with UHC and other contact information

Plan uses the UHC Choice Plus PPO Network

Plan uses OptumRx for pharmacy management

Prescription Drug List (Medication Formulary) for 2017-18

Create an account with UHCSR (United Healthcare Student Resources) - Access your ID card

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