WWU Student Health Insurance Plan

What is a Student Health Insurance Plan?

Western Washington University provides an optional, affordable, quality health insurance plan to actively enrolled Western students and their dependents.  Reasons to consider this plan include:
  • Health Benefits - Health and wellness are critical components to academic success. Insured students stay healthier by utilizing recommended preventive care services that help avoid health issues and possibly detect health issues that need attention.
  • Cost Benefits - Student plans available through colleges or universities often provide benefits that are more affordable than comparable plans on the open market.
  • National Network of Providers - Many student health plans include a national network of health care providers and pharmacies, providing coverage regardless of the distance from campus or home.
  • Tailored Plans for Students - Colleges customize their student health plans to best meet the needs of their students.

2022-23 Plan Year

Enroll now!  Enrollment is available through Monday, September 19, 2022.  For enrollment and plan information click here.


The Student Health Center is unable to answer questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan.  If you have questions about enrollment or plan benefits/claims, please click here to connect with the plan administrator or insurance carrier directly.