Travel Application Physical

The Travel Application Physical is to ensure that you are generally healthy enough to participate in the education abroad experience.  This exam can be completed by the Student Health Center or another community provider.  If you choose to complete this exam at the Student Health Center:

  • You must complete the “Health Clearance:  Confidential Health History” online PRIOR to your appointment at the Student Health Center:
    • Access you Education Abroad application by navigating to:, click the LOGIN/REGISTER in the upper right hand corner and log in with your WWU log in credentials.  Once logged in, click on your program under the blue Applications bar and the appropriate term.  In your application, you have a questionnaire titled, “Health Clearance: Confidential Health History” which they must complete prior to meeting with the SHC.
  • If you are traveling to a developing country, you will need to attend a FREE Group Travel Class prior to your Travel Application Physical.  The class covers General Health & Safety Guidelines for travel to developing countries and is held at the Student Health Center.

Please call the Student Health Center to schedule your Group Travel Class or Travel Application Physical.  The staff at the Student Health Center will guide you on which appointment is appropriate for you. 

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