Test Anxiety

Can I get special accommodations if I have test anxiety?

Students with academic accommodation needs must initiate a request for services through disAbility Resources for Students. Students with disabilities are required, by law, to provide written documentation of their disability (from a qualified professional) before services can be provided. While “test anxiety” is not something for which an accommodation is given, we encourage students who experience test and/or performance anxiety to seek help through the Counseling Center. Through workshops, self-help materials, and possibly a session with a counselor, students can develop strategies and skills for keeping themselves calm and clear-thinking in these potentially stressful situations.

The Counseling Center does not provide evaluations for ADHD or other learning disabilities, although we may be able to suggest behavioral interventions and strategies for improving focus and time management. Our case manager can provide referrals for obtaining off-campus evaluation and treatment for these and other diagnoses.

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