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What Is Available?

All forms of prescription birth control are available at the Student Health Center.  In addition to the pill, patch, ring, Depo Provera, and condoms, we offer Nexplanon and IUD insertions.  These can also be removed should you prefer a different method.

New to Birth Control?

You might enjoy meeting with a Peer Student Health Educator about your options (  Your clinician will also be happy to discuss what options could work for you.

Need A Prescription?

To get a prescription for birth control, please call (360) 650-3400 and ask for a “Contraceptive Consult.”  If you would like the implant or an IUD, request a “Pre-Nexplanon” or “Pre-IUD” consult.  If you have never had a pelvic exam and want an IUD, you can ask for this check at your pre-IUD consult.

For more information about your birth control options see: