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Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Tips For Your STI Visit

Increasing STI rates make screening an important wellness tool for Western students.  The Student Health Center offers both walk-in and same-day STI consults.  Here are several tips for your STI visit:

  • Window periods vary from test to test; if you test too early, you might not identify infection you’ve recently acquired. Talk to your clinician about which tests work for your circumstance.
  • For urine chlamydia & gonorrhea testing, you should not urinate for one hour before the test.
  • People with a uterus should get an annual chlamydia & gonorrhea screen through age 25.
  • Some people benefit from more frequent screening.  Talk to your clinician about what’s recommended for you.
  • Quest, our lab service, charges your insurance for the labs they run for you.  You may, alternatively, request to have the charges applied to your student account.