Prepare For Your Appointment

Prepare for Your Appointment

If you are being seen at the Student Health Center for the first time or have not been seen in the past 12 months, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. A complete or updated medical history. This includes any chronic medical illnesses, past surgeries, medications, and allergies.
  2. Your medication bottles or a photo of your medication bottles.
  3. A copy of your insurance card to be scanned and kept on file in your chart. If you can, also email a photo of your insurance card to

Health History Questionnaires

After you have called and made your appointment with the Student Health Center, you will be sent an email directing you to complete a Health History Questionnaire. This questionnaire should be completed at least one day prior to your appointment to facilitate your check in process. These questionnaires will also allow for your provider to review important information in preparation for your visit.

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Type of Appointment Additional Paperwork / Information
Annual Exam Copy of Previous Pap Smear if done elsewhere
Birth Control/Contraceptive Start Copy of Previous Pap Smear if done elsewhere
Continuing treatment of chronic illness Summary letter from Primary Care Provider with information about condition, treatment, and medication list
Depo-Provera Shot Copy of Depo Shot record from home; Copy of Pap Smear if done elsewhere
Medical Form Completion Exam
(study abroad, camp, job)

Paper form(s) to fill out if applicable; your immunization records

Mental Health-ADD/HD

As outlined on our ADD/ADHD page

STI Testing Do not urinate 1 hour prior to your appointment
Travel Consult

Visit and review your country info prior to appointment. 

Call to schedule free Group Travel Class as soon as you know of your travel plans - Minimum of 8 weeks before departure.

Your Immunization Records