Online Only Students

Online Only Students & the Measles Requirement

Students who are taking 100% online courses at Western do not have to meet WWU’s Measles Immunity Requirement. However, Western’s registration system is unable to distinguish online only students from those that are taking classes on Western’s campus.  For this reason, any student who has not met the requirement will have a measles hold placed on their registration every quarter.

For online only students, there are two options to prevent a measles registration hold:

  1. Contact the Student Health Center at or call us at (360) 650-3400 each quarter prior to registering for classes.  Let us know that you plan to take only online courses and we’ll manually release your measles hold for that specific quarter.
  2. Simply meet the Measles Immunity Requirement.  Once the requirement is met, there will no longer be any future measles registration holds.


Questions? Please e-mail us at or call (360) 650-3400.