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Measles Requirement FAQ

What Documents Showing Measles Immunity Are Accepted?

If you received immunizations in the past but do not have the required documentation, we accept any of the following as proof of measles immunity:

  1. Immunization records from your doctor’s office
  2. A copy of your School Certification of Immunization
  3. A copy of your military immunization record or the DD214
  4. A copy of a stamped immunization card
  5. MMR shot dates recorded on high school transcripts
  6. A copy of an immunization record from your public health department

What Is A Measles Registration Hold?

Students who have not provided proof of measles immunity to the Student Health Center will have a hold placed on their student account and will not be able to register for classes.  A hold placed on the student account also prevents a student from living in on-campus housing.

We will remove the hold on your account once we receive and process your documents.

Make sure you meet this requirement as soon as possible to avoid delay in your registration process!

Where can I get vaccinated?

If you haven’t ever been given the measles vaccine, you can get it, along with any other necessary immunizations, from your primary care provider’s office, some pharmacies, walk-in clinics, your local public health department or here at the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Center provides new and current students the MMR vaccine and the rubeola titer blood test when classes are in session (see Location & Hours).  Costs for these services can be found in the Costs/Charges section of our website.

Are There Exemptions to the Requirement?

If you have medical, religious or personal reasons to be exempt from this requirement, please complete the Measles Waiver Form and send it to the Student Health Center.  NOTE: If you choose to waive the WWU Measles Immunity Requirement, you may be excluded from classes and from living on campus if a measles outbreak occurs.

What if I Have Additional Questions?

For questions, please contact the Student Health Center.  For the fastest response, email us at  To speak to a Patient Services Representative during any of our academic sessions, please call 360-650-3400 and select option 1. Or, leave a message on our dedicated Measles Line at (360) 650-4839 (you will get a response within 2 business days).