IUD placement

How to obtain an IUD or Implant from the Student Health Center

AKA: Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC)

  1. IUD vs Implant.
    Intrauterine device (hormonal or non-hormonal, 3-10 years); vs implant placed in arm (hormonal, 3 years)
  2. Check out the manufacturer websites details about the IUDs or an implant, in order to consider which type of LARC might be best for you.
    Paragard : non hormonal, “copper IUD”, FDA approved for 10 years
    Mirena, Liletta, Kyleena: Levonorgestrel (progestin) containing IUD, with ranging menses effect and FDA approved from 3-5 years
    Implant: Nexplanon; Etonogestrel (progestin) capsule placed just beneath the skin in your upper/inner arm. FDA approved for 3 years.
  3. If you know that you would like either an IUD or an implant, call 360-650-3400 and press 1 to speak with a receptionist. Tell them which LARC you are interested in obtaining and they will schedule you with the appropriate provider. Please bring a copy of your insurance card with you to that appointment (if you have insurance) and give it to the scheduling desk upon check in.
  4. At the time of that visit, your medical history will be reviewed; the benefits and risks of your chosen LARC will be discussed as they pertain to you. A focused discussion will take place and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your method of choice. 
    A pelvic exam may be necessary, as well as screening lab work to rule out chlamydia/gonorrhea and/or pregnancy.
  5. You will be asked to sign the Consent to Purchase IUD form, and you will be given paperwork to complete which will confirm your insurance coverage of your LARC of choice. We will submit the completed paperwork and communicate your coverage to you through your WebView account. At the time of coverage confirmation you will then be encouraged to schedule your appointment for IUD or implant placement.

(The entire process above seems to take about 1-2 weeks from your first LARC consult appointment to placement.)

COST: Please review our Fee Schedule for current pricing.