IUD placement

How to obtain an IUD from the Student Health Center:

  1. Check out the manufacturer websites for the three types of IUDs currently available, "Paragard", "Mirena", and "Skyla" in order to choose which type of IUD might be best for you.

  2. Make an appointment with a women's health care nurse practitioner to discuss your choice. To do this, call 650-3400 and press 1 to speak with a receptionist. At the time of that visit, your medical history will be reviewed; the benefits and risks of each of the IUDs will be discussed as they pertain to you. If you would then like to proceed with obtaining your IUD, you will be scheduled for an “IUD” prep” visit with the person who will place your IUD. 

  3. At your “IUD prep” visit, a focused discussion will take place and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will be asked to sign the Consent to Purchase IUD form. Our staff will assist you in determining insurance coverage. An appointment for the IUD placement itself will now be arranged for you.

COST: The Consent to Purchase IUD form contains all necessary information about the costs involved.