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The Student Health Center is a primary care medical clinic with a specialty in college health, providing a broad range of affordable health care to eligible students.  We are staffed by a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and support staff.  

We educate and assist students with preventive health care, as well as evaluate, diagnose and treat physical and mental health concerns, illness and injuries, thereby minimizing their impact on academic progress.

We want to help students be well, get well and stay well - life long.  

By the Numbers Fall Exterior

On average...

20,000 patient visits per year

6,500 unique students seen each year

3,500 patient interactions each year without ever making a clinic visit

150 cumulative years of provider knowledge working in the clinic on any given day

135 patient appointments in one day

12 patient exam rooms

2 consultation rooms

2 observation beds

1 treatment room

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  • Campus Services
  • Entrance
  • Waiting room
  • Self-Care Center
  • Reception
  • Nurses Station
  • Exam Room
  • Exam Room
  • Nurses Station
  • Consultation Room
  • Treatment room
  • Observation Room