Cyber Only Students & the Measles Requirement

If you are taking only cyber courses, you do not have to meet WWU’s measles immunity requirement. However, because the computer has no way of knowing what kind of classes a student is going to register for until after the student has registered, students who haven’t met the requirement will have a measles hold placed on their registration every quarter.

There are two options for getting around this:

  1. Email the Student Health Center at or call the Student Health Center at (360) 650-3400 just prior to registering for classes each quarter that you plan to take only cyber courses and we’ll manually release your measles hold for that quarter.
  2. Meet the measles requirement and you won't have to be concerned with a measles hold again. The choice is yours, it makes no difference to us which option you choose.

Questions? Please e-mail us at or call (360) 650-3400.