COVID-19 Symptom Attestation

COVID Clearance Status Walk-Through for Students

How does Western’s COVID clearance status tracking system work?

This tool in MyWesternHealth tracks two important requirements for you to be on-campus:
  1. Staying current on your daily health screen and
  2. Getting your required COVID-19 surveillance test every two weeks.
If both requirements are met, you are “Cleared”, and your COVID clearance status is green. If you have an “Overdue” yellow COVID clearance status, it means that your daily health screen and/or your testing requirements are not current.

What do each of the colors mean?

  • Blue “NA” - The tracking function of this tool is turned off. It means that WWU is unaware that you have a need for an on-campus presence. If you have a regular on-campus presence and have a blue COVID clearance status, you need to submit your W-number, name, and reason for enrollment to
  • Green “Cleared” - The tracking function is on. You are participating in the surveillance testing program and completing the daily health screen.
  • Yellow “Overdue” - The tracking function is on is on and your testing and/or daily health screens are not current. Note: the COVID clearance status turns to green as soon as the daily health screen is completed or as soon as the lab test sample is collected, not when we get the result.
  • Orange “Quarantine” – You have indicated that you have been in contact with a COVID positive individual.
  • Red “Isolation” – You have tested positive, either individually or as part of a positive batch, or you have indicated that you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
A sample of the colored badges a user may receive, green, blue, yellow, orange, and red

Who needs to be enrolled in the COVID clearance status system?

Only students with a regular on-campus presence (once a week or more) need to be enrolled in the COVID clearance status system.  This includes anyone:
  • Living in the residence halls
  • Taking Face to Face classes
  • Taking hybrid or experiential classes meeting on a regular basis
  • Performing research on campus or face to face with other researchers
  • Regularly accessing WWU labs
  • Working on campus
  • Working as a teaching assistant in a Face to Face or hybrid class with a regular in-person component
  • Needing access to WWU practice rooms or recording studios
  • Participating in clubs with a regular in-person component
  • Participating in the Athletics program
Note: Any student enrolled in the COVID clearance status system will be required to keep the lab testing portion of their COVID clearance status up to date at all times.  Failure to get tested could result in a conduct officer meeting and may impact your employment and/or access to campus resources.  

Checking your COVID Clearance Status

Log in to your MyWesternHealth portal.  The COVID clearance status access is on the home page.

A blue button on the page that reads Show Badge

What if I have a blue COVID clearance status and I’m told I need a green COVID clearance status?

Send an email to and indicate that you need to be enrolled in the COVID clearance status system.  You should include your W-number, name, and the reason why you need to be enrolled.

Unenrolling from the COVID clearance status tracking system

If you do not have a regular on-campus presence, please send an email to We will confirm that it is appropriate to remove you from the COVID clearance status system and will deactivate your clearance status.

How do I come to campus if I’m not enrolled in the COVID clearance status tracking system?

If you are not enrolled in the COVID clearance status system and only need to come to campus a few times a quarter use the Western visitor attestation form.

Daily Health Screen

Daily health screens are automatically issued by the system at 11:00pm nightly and are available in your MyWesternHealth portal under “Pending Surveys”.  After completing the daily health screen, the COVID clearance status will stay green until 10:59pm – at which point the COVID clearance status will flip back to “overdue” and a new daily health screen will be issued.
You can fill out a daily health screen at any time to update your COVID clearance status to the green / cleared status.
Screenshot of Pending Surveys screens

Screenshot of what the survey may appear as

If you answer no to all of the survey questions and your lab test is current you will be presented with a success message.

Screenshot showing the word Success with a green checkmark and Cleared noted as a status.

This COVID clearance status will stay green until 10:59PM at which point you will be issued another daily health screen.

Quarantine and Isolation Clearance Status

If you answer “Yes” to some of the questions on the daily health screen, your clearance status will be changed to either Quarantine or Isolation as appropriate. 

Screenshot showing the word Success with a green checkmark and Isolation or Quarantine noted as a status.

There is an info button which gives more information on what to expect next.  Be patient – a nurse will be contacting you during normal business hours.  Additionally, both the Quarantine and Isolation clearance statuses have unique daily health screens associated with them which are issued in the middle of the night.  Your COVID clearance status will show that your daily health screen is overdue until the system issues you a new one.  Please do not call the clinic asking to have your clearance status reset.

Being removed from Quarantine or Isolation

Only a nurse can remove you from the Quarantine or Isolation COVID clearance status.  Once your COVID clearance status is reset, the nurse will send a daily health screen survey to be completed so that you can update your COVID clearance status to “Cleared” before the next round of daily health screens is sent out automatically by the system.

Lab Testing

Surveillance testing is available at Fraser Hall Monday through Thursday.  You can make an appointment through your MyWesternHealth portal.
Fraser Hall is ONLY available for students who have not tested positive in the last 90 days, are not currently experiencing symptoms, and who have not been in contact with any known COVID-positive individuals.

If you have tested positive within the last 90 days

Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 may continue to test positive for three months or more without being contagious to others.  For this reason, you will have your testing frequency changed to 90 days from the positive result.  After the 90 day period has passed, your testing requirement will return to every 14 days.  If your positive result was obtained outside the Student Health Center, you must submit the positive result to  This will allow the lab testing portion of the COVID clearance status to stay cleared while continuing to track the daily health screen.

If you have symptoms or have been in contact with a COVID-positive individual

Do not go to Fraser Hall.  You need to CANCEL your Fraser testing appointment (if you have one scheduled) and call the Student Health Center at 360-650-3400 x1 and ask to speak to a nurse.

Why Does the COVID Clearance Status Turn Green When I’m Tested and not When the Result is Back?

Western’s COVID testing program is different than typical COVID tests performed at other sites.  Western utilizes a surveillance testing program which is designed to scan the on-campus community as a whole for possible hot spots of infection rather than identify specific individuals who may be infected.  This model has been effectively used at other colleges and universities around the country.  A green badge confirms that you are meeting the requirements of attestation and surveillance testing.  When a hot spot is identified, the Student Health Center staff intervene to begin confirmatory retesting, self-isolation, contact tracing and quarantine as needed.  It is also important to note that test results are not a guarantee of whether an individual is infected or not.  For this reason, ongoing use of face masks, strict hand washing, and social distancing are still needed.

Making a Fraser Hall COVID testing appointment

Make your COVID-19 testing appointment online through your patient portal.  Once you have logged into MyWesternHealth click on “Appointments” in the left-hand menu. 

Screenshot of Schedule an appointment button

Choose the “COVID Testing” option from the appointment selection screen.  Then make sure you update your address and phone number on the following screen.  Appointments are available 2-3 weeks out from the current date and are scheduled every 5 minutes.  A few appointment spots are made available each morning.  More spots may become available throughout the day as students cancel.

Screenshot showing that the appointment was scheduled, the text All Done! appears

What if I am not eligible for appointments?

If you have not paid the health fee you may get a message letting you know that you are not eligible for appointments.  We are granting a waiver for students enrolled in the COVID clearance status tracking system, but that waiver can take 24 hours to be processed.  Please wait and try again later to schedule your appointment.  If you continue to get a message that you are not eligible please send an email to explaining your experience.

If you are not eligible, you will hear the text Appointments: Scheduling not allowed

Filling out consent forms

The very first time you schedule an appointment with the Student Health Center, you will be asked to fill out a few consent forms.  These forms are good for the entirety of your experience with the Student Health Center and only need to be completed once.  They can be found and completed under “Medical Clearances”

If this is your first time using the portal, you will hear the text Appointments: Before you can proceed

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment in MyWesternHealth by clicking on “Appointments” and choosing “Cancel Appointment”.  This will free up your appointment spot so that someone else can be tested in your place.

To cancel an appointment, select the Cancel Appointment link found within the Currently scheduled appointments section of the webpage

When I get to Fraser for my appointment – how do I show my QR Barcode?

On your Appointments screen in MyWesternHealth you can find the barcode that the nurse will use to scan your lab test into the system. This code will also be available on your home screen the day of your appointment.  This QR barcode is NOT the same thing as your badge.

The link Show Barcode will be on your home screen of MyWestern Health on the day of the appointment or The link Show Barcode will be available within the currently scheduled appointments section of the webpage

If you have more questions please see our page on the COVID clearance status tracking system please send an email to