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Annual Exams & PAP Screening

Annual Exams​

We recommend annual exams to review birth control use, check your blood pressure, and to do age-appropriate screening.

PAP Screening​​​​

If you have a uterus, then you should schedule your first PAP test at age 21.  In the past, PAP testing was yearly.  Today, routine PAP testing is every 3-5 years depending on your age and previous PAP results.   If you are not due for a PAP test, then you may opt for a clothes-on consult.  Annual chlamydia and gonorrhea screening is the standard of care for all people with a uterus through age 25; this is to prevent chronic pelvic infection and infertility.

Because we are interested in your whole health, we welcome you to discuss questions about your body, sex, mood, and personal safety at your visit.